Time is something that wonders by,

meaning nothing, but for our lives.

The great expanse,

the truth untold

It’s all equations, so I’m told.

Time is something I’d like to conquer,

in my body and mind,

I’d like to know what Einstein saw after Newton,

In Time.

I’d like to beat the fates at their game,

reveal Plato’s world of ever lasting.

Time came, it went and it’s coming,

it’s now and then and will be – but not forever, at least here.

it conquers death, and life.

Time after all is not  concerned.

So time,

in mystery and rarefied symbolism,

Are you real or just conjured?

Parmenides had you for nought,

Explain the passing moment from now till then,

The change from what is to what isn’t makes the sense your illusion,

maybe you’re static and we’re just passing,

perceptions lie and conscious deception.

But, if you really do have dimension,

let it be revealed,

let me turn your hand to my creation,

and make what I haven’t from past sensation.

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