1000 Journals – extended trailer

1000 blank journals are passed from hand to hand throughout the world, collecting stories, pictures, collages — slices of the lives they touch. One came back, filled. Where are the other 999? 1000 Journals investigates their worldwide journeys, and chronicles the self-governed collaboration of thousands of random people who added to this global “message in a bottle.”

This is the extended trailer for the feature length documentary. DOP: Ralph Kaechele. Editor and DVD motion graphics: Agathe Faÿ. Composer: Stuart Balcomb.


Hi... I'm a UX guy with a pile of books by my bed and a lot of notebooks full of ideas. I love images, ideas and exploring the world. When I'm not solving UX problems or walking my dog I'm usually knee deep in a new book or looking for an inspirational path to follow.

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