Day Dream

The sun lays herself upon memory
Laying ground for unspoken imagery
And in this place of privacy
I rest my head.

Light from sky
And warmth from day
Protrude my eyes with the scent and haze
Of pollens strong
Inconspicuous way

And in comfort that time will start again,
And industry will take away
These moments of lustful and lazy play.

Until that moment,

when new forms
Of peace and want display
dusk becomes the romance and the pleasure
summer are the wealthiest of my leisure

And we will meet behind the dusty throw of light
orange red will be our candle
Till night looms
This – the aspect of our life
Our destiny and daydream this day


Hi... I'm a UX guy with a pile of books by my bed and a lot of notebooks full of ideas. I love images, ideas and exploring the world. When I'm not solving UX problems or walking my dog I'm usually knee deep in a new book or looking for an inspirational path to follow.


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