Weeks I spent looking out of windows,

Light passed with minutes to days,


A million times I’ve sat like this

Begging the adventures I’ve imagined,

Memories my closest friends,

Desire – only possessing.

A passenger sitting silently

Black nights with their blanket of silence,

Life moving past stories not unfolding,

Claustraphobia the silent anxiety,


Spring passes it’s peak,

I wonder,

Standing on the edge of time,

Summer’s siestas are boring.

Distance has found its partner,

For that separation we wait

We could touch,

But what would be the point.

Still light explains nothing,

Just movement,

The glowing is a fiction

Fairies on flowers, sweet visions for children,

Fantasies for me,

Dear, dear life,

I’m sitting,

Weeks, minutes, days,


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