– What is a Broken Postcard?

When I was a student in London I used to visit art galleries to clear my head. I’d usually end in the museum store and buy a postcard, often a book and something to write with. On the backs of those postcards I’d write ideas, words, anything that came to mind with the hope that I would dig them up and have something to write about later. Often the postcards would get lost in the books I didn’t finish reading. More often they’d get lost in my bag, edges worn down as they were shuffled about with the books and notebooks I used to carry around.

Broken Postcard and this blog is pays homage to those days. It’s changed quite a bit over time. At one point I focused on one subject and then another. Now I realize that it’s just a space on which to write, like those postcards, ideas. A place where I can discover thoughts, feelings and ideas with the words that find themselves on the pages.

In a very real sense Broken Postcard is something much bigger. As the blog has evolved it’s also become a place in which the medium of writing itself is tested. A place where the notion of discovery writing doesn’t just expose an unknown thought, but a transition across modes of thinking; from something concrete to something abstract. From science to literature. It does this because in some sense poetry, science, narrative and art are nothing but expressions. They are vehicles of discovery.

More than anything being candid, even when if obscure is more important than

– Where’s the Missing Tagline?

The blog’s tagline used to be ‘A Pause for Thought’. It still is, I just didn’t have space in the header. But the value of taking that pause remains. It’s the essence of an essay, a poem or any piece of thought, of any kind, that we pause to take in, to reflect. Agree, disagree, hate, love, none of these sentiments matter. Better to feel on reflection than to not have reflected at all. “Life moves pretty fast” Ferris Beuller said. He was right. We do need to stop and look around every so often, and sometimes, not just around, but down.

– Who I am?

I’m a UX designer by day, that means that I help teams design software application. It’s a great job, I love what I do, I get to speak to people and figure out how I can make a small piece of life better. But, I always want to do more.

I have love in my life, which let’s face it, ain’t always easy, but is always worth it. I’m also someone who’s navigating his way through life, looking for the meaning in things, as well as the joy.

Every moment the world feels bigger and more magical is a moment I can take out of my day and feel grateful that I got this moment of life to share, to experience and to express in this little way.

– What will I get reading this?

Maybe nothing?? This blog may not be for you. It may not be for anyone. If however, there is something here for you you’ll have something to think about. And if you do find yourself thinking then this blog and its writer would love to know those thoughts… and who knows, maybe start a conversation.

Hi There… I’m Alex