A Lovers Dream

You said you’d have me in five years,
You knew how I young I was
It’s been ten
That morning we lay there.. honest
Knowing the end
But the visions never ended
The nights never stopped
In thoughts we were tangled
Lovers who knew no end

Sometimes I remember your stockings
Sometimes I remember stretched against my chest
Most, knowing before those nights
We knew who we were
Hoping we for more
Than morning

Now I dream
My lesson
Other world
The secret of a cruel life
A life who’s fool is me

Last night we lived together in a dream
I spurned you, we sat naked, your breasts still
Stomach relaxed, on your knees
Half covered sheets
And to my mother you ran
Avoiding me
Following my mistake
Desperate to correct
The mistake I made

The tragedy of reason
The foolish responsibilities we feel
You were my lazy lover
Flowing over me with passion
Passion yours to have
And I gave it
Now none but for ornaments
Trophies for second place


  • camiseta real madrid 2014
    • Thank you… I really appreciate it. I had a dream and wanted to write about it in this post. A poem just felt right.

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